Public Speaking - who just loves it?

Two words that will strike fear in even the most confident people.

I sat in the audience at Senior Speech finals at my son's school today.  All the memories of feeling completely paralysed with fear and bucket loads of butterflies in tummies came flooding back.  I felt so nervous for them but at the same time I felt so proud.  Proud that at nine and ten years old, they confidently got up in front of their peers, judges, teachers and parents, and taught us something.

The topic was the Olympics and many views were presented.   We listened to topics ranging from Early Olympics to issues with product sponsorship to arguing why the games shouldn't be held in countries such as Brazil where it could cause unnecessary hardship.

Clearly the kids had done a lot of research, and presented us with little bits of information that were news to us.   Oh, how life has changed.  Hooray for the Internet and Google!   No more outdated encyclopedias!  The disadvantage would be scrolling through loads of information that isn't really correct.

Now that my 9 year old knows what to expect, I'm hoping he'll try a little harder next year!