New Venture
Wow!  Who knew it was such a long time since my last blog???  In my defense I have been working since Elijah started school.  I have now left work to concentrate on my health and rest my feet (which are failing me!)

I needed something to keep my mind busy.  All my sewing gear is packed away.  I needed to earn a little cash.  So I thought long and hard about my next step.  I did loads of research and came across Scentsy.  I know it is quite well established in the States and has been in NZ for a year now.

I am in love with the products.  They are such a nice quality and I'm going to enjoy sharing them with friends.  It hasn't been easy convincing people to try it though.  I guess we are a bit of a candle nation with the likes of Ecoya having a decent share of the luxury candle market.

I like that Scentsy uses flameless warmers and diffusers - so much safer than candles and I am one to forget to blow out a candle before leaving the house.

Anyway more about that later but in the meantime if you click through you can read a little bit about us and check out the beautiful products I have to offer