Felt Xmas decorations & thoughts about Xmas

I'm still undecided on whether to buy a tree this year or just find a branch that will serve as a makeshift Xmas tree.  Really it is only for Elijahs benefit and although I'd love a real (or even artificial) Xmas tree, we really don't have the room for one.

I started to hand stitch some decorations from the tree.  I'm not 100% sure where I got the crocheted flowers.  There are really only two possibilities: thrifted or from the lovely Cat who kindly gave me a good pile of fabric a while ago.  I think they look pretty cute if you can see past my stitching.

I'm picturing a different kind of Christmas this year.  I get half the day with Elijah and his father will have him in the afternoon.  This means we won't be able to leave Auckland but oh well, lucky my family is here!

The goal this year is to make a lot of the presents using what supplies I already have.  So far so good, thanks to the Christmas Challenge.  I have three handmade presents ready to wrap.  I have loads of vintage sheets so if I get my A into G I should really get some bunting sewn up - something I've been promising myself for hmmm well over a year!

I miss the Christmases we had as kids, going away in the house bus to the Coromandel and staying at Simpson's Beach (don't think they own the land any more?), swimming in the creek that ran out to sea.  Isn't it funny that of all the things you remember about Christmas: all the family together for lunch, the smell of the tree, the sparkly tinsel, the ridiculous amounts of food (pavlova and trifle a must), the sunburn (oh yes back then it was just a way of life), the rain (it always seems to rain on Xmas day if only a shower), the crackers, the gift wrap - it seems gifts are way down on my list.  I can only hope that I make Xmas as exciting as possible for Elijah.  He has asked me if he can make some Xmas presents tomorrow - I have no idea what he has in mind but have agreed anyway.

What are some of your most special Christmas memories?  How are you planning to spend Christmas this year?