Pain is my new best friend...

Yesterday I took the plunge and went along to a group fitness session.  I cannot believe I actually jogged!  My goal was to be running by Christmas so my jaw just about dropped when our instructor (Kirstin) told us to run across the field and back as a warm up.  It wasn't even that far but I have far more jiggly bits than the other girls.  But I did it.

Today my body is aching BUT it feels good.  Although I feel quite sore, I feel refreshed.  The pain makes me realise how long it's been since I've actually used some muscles.  So my new goal is to lose 35kg before I hit 35.  Possible?  Should be since it gives me 9 months to do it in.

Pretty Mail

Christmas Challenge

I have been really slack this week.  I don't think I even started on anything except this:

I'm about to wash this since the sun is shining - my 1 hour FQ picnic blanket using vintage sheets.  Basic but useful.