Blog giveaway wins & request for ideas

I feel very lucky today.  On opening my email this morning I discovered not one but two giveaways I'd entered requesting my postal details!  What I like most about blog giveaways is that the majority of them are handcrafted - and knowing that a lot of care and thought goes into them makes them just that little bit extra special.

If you haven't already seen Rhiannon's Month of Costumes then you need to check them out.  I can tell she had a lot of fun putting them together and has a far bigger imagination than I have. 

stolen from Rhiannon's blog Remarquable Junque
I was lucky enough to be her swap partner in the Vintage Baby Swap organised by Stella so I'm quite looking forward to a surprise arriving in the mail.  Elijah still plays with the fishing set that Rhiannon made and the crochet ball sits with baby toys brought out when littlies come to visit.

The next email was from Suzy who hosted a giveaway on Strung Art.  We get to choose which photo we would like printed.  I thought this:

photo taken from

would suit my sister perfectly.  So now all I will have to do is frame it and that'll be her Xmas present done.  She is impossbile to buy for.  If you have a crafty friend or family member then I suggest you check out the etsy store - you can buy the wool and I guess if you ask nicely Suzy might sell you prints of her wool (she spends a lot of time displaying them, definitely worth having a look) but I am only just guessing.

It's Monday so that means washing day - I have four loads (three of them bedding) and Auckland weather is doing what it usually doesn - rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine - cannot complain though because my little garden is looking great. 

ETA - I almost forgot what I was meant to post - I am about 20 posts away from 400 so I will be hosting a giveaway.  What I would like to know is what you think I should giveaway.  Have a browse of my blog then let me know what you think.