Veggie by Season

I think I may have found myself a very useful tool that'll allow me to shop and cook whatever is in season.  I was actually searching for lentil recipes I could use with okra - something I've never really known how to cook - and thanks to the power of Google I came across Veggie by Season who just so has a recipe for lentil and okra masala.  Now, just for the record, I'm not vegetarian but I'm also not that fussed on meat so quite often opt for not-meat based meals (and I'm not talking baked beans on toast type of meal) which are usually cheaper and healthier depending on how they're made.  Lentils are dirt cheap, a good source of protein and a little will go a long way.  There are a variety of lentils but I prefer split yellow peas which tend to hold their shape once cooked but I also keep a supply of red lentils for when I want something cooked quickly.  Okra is fairly cheap at the moment - around $7 a kilo - and because they are light, similar to beans, you get alot for money.
The thing I love about this website is all the recipes have been put into short lists making them easy to find by either their main vegetable/fruit, country, or course, and failing that there is a nice long list of labels down the left hand side of the blog.
So it's lentil and okra masala for dinner at my house tonight - possibly tweaked a little as I'm a little wary of using a whole cup of tomato puree but I have some Indian spiced tinned tomatoes in the pantry which should work just as well.

BTW - I am still rearranging my blog so if something isn't working right then it'll just be me working on it.  Fingers crossed I will be posting regularly soon - getting back into blogging is proving a little harder than I expected.