Things I'm Loving

Warmer weather is on the way!  Proof of that is the garden I planted three or so weeks ago, it's really starting to grow now. 
I only bought seedlings of the veges I love and would use on a daily basis: lettuce, spring onions and coriander - loads of coriander (10 or so plants) along with calendula, apple mint and pineapple sage (sound yummy don't they?) so there will be lots of refreshing drinks this Summer.  Our strawberries are on to their third flowering season - I have them in an old bbq so they are easy to move around.

Elijah and I have been slowly working on the back garden/patio.  When we moved in it was covered in onion weed - blerk!  I tried my best to kill it but to no avail so we've decided to cover the whole lot in weed mat and cover it with some sort of stone - we're expecting the landlord to drop something off in the next couple of weeks.  

Since this is my first 'Things I'm Loving' in hmmm.... forever!  I've decided to take inspiration from the host PasileyJade and give Elijah a moustache

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