psst - can you keep a secret?

I said I wasn't going to thrift any more - I had promised myself no more op shops, garage sales and such like.  But my family has led me astray *sigh* and of course I am so easily led.  One garage sale ....  I was very restrained just ask my lil sis whose idea it was to go.... one Sheridan bath mat in new condition for $1 and an enormouse bouncy ball for Elijah were all I bought.  Then a few days later weekly coffee in Browns Bay - we park next to an op shop .... inquisitive nature says just one peek ... ok give in.  I bought nothing, Elijah chose two small toys which Mum had to pay for.  Driving home Mum suggests "Shall we have a quickl look in the Salvation Army store?" .... why not? .... just as well as I found a nice pile (eight) of Crown Lynn side plates for $4 as new.  Just what I was looking for - very understated with just a rim of light green - matches perfectly with all the red in my kitchen.  I have found the thrill of thrifting once more but I will be much more restrained this time - no more clutter is what I keep telling myself.