Produce Pronto - a quick review

Last week I stumbled across a local Kiwi site selling fresh fruit & veg online with free delivery.  Being car-less for a couple of months means buying groceries can be a bit of a chore, calling one of my sisters or Mum to take us to the supermarket.  Not wanting them to then take us to a separate fruit store (on the other side of Albany) I was getting the staple fruit & veg from the supermarket.  Expensive.  Not fresh.  Didn't last.  The fruit shop a five minute walk from us has the occasional fresh bit of produce but I mainly buy coriander and ginger from there.  So....

I decided on a trial run of this service - Produce Pronto (link will open in a new window)

I ordered my produce late on Wednesday night and it was booked in for delivery on Friday that same week. 
The box arrived as promised - via courier between 10am and 5pm on the stated delivery date
Also, as promised, it was packaged in 100% recyclable paper and cardboard (although the cardboard box is pretty sturdy - I might need that to store some of my junk fabric scraps).

Look!  Nothing was damaged in transit.  A good thing because I think we're about as far north as they deliver.  What I liked best was the ability to order per piece of fruit/veg - good when I know how many apples Elijah eats in a week.  Everything was a lot fresher than in the supermarket especially the apples.  I had been put off apples after eating the powdery, stored in the fridge for months apples they sell you.  These were crisp, tasty (a little bit sour just how I like them) and cheap.

The verdict: (told you this was going to be a quick review)
Would I recommend these guys to my best friends?  Absolutely.  Especially those with kids.  Instead of ferrying them around the supermarket, butcher and fruit shop, you can knock one visit off your list.

PLUS if you order through my referral you will recieve 20% off your first order.  With prices already low this should be an extra incentive to give it a go.  They deliver all around Auckland from Papakura to Torbay, Howick to Titirangi but do check your delivery address before placing an order.

Disclaimer:  These views are purely my own.  I was neither requested nor paid to write a review, however if you order through my referral I will receive a credit on my account.