Homemade Yoghurt (without having to use Easiyo!)

I use a lot of plain unsweetened yoghurt - about 1kg a week or sometimes more.  While living out West I had easy access to Gopala products, but since moving to the Shore it's become a little harder to find especially since I'm without a car at the moment.  I knew it was possible to make yoghurt at home - my Mum used to have a Easiyo maker but I hated the taste of that stuff.  I also knew that a lot of Indian families make their own yoghurt from scratch.  So a quick search (thanks Google) led me to a Youtube video and I'd like to share it with you (I'm all for saving you money)
Find the written recipe on Show Me The Curry

I actually used Lite Milk (I think it's 2% fat) and I left it in the oven overnight.  It's a lot runnier than the one they make but since I only use it in curries and raita it worked just fine.  My next job will be to attempt to make paneer or soft cheese, however I'm putting this off because we don't eat a lot of cheese.  I would love to know if you've had success making your own cheese and/or yoghurt at home - I didn't think it could be so easy considering supermarket prices - I was paying almost $6 for a kilo of plain unsweetened yoghurt!