Finding Inspiration for Boy's Clothes

With all the pretty girl's clothes out there it can sometimes seem like there isn't alot for boys.  But a closer look reveals there is plenty for boys that you can make at home by adapting patterns to suit.  The Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC) hosted by elsie marley is like a kick in the pants for me, with an hour each day solely dedicated to sewing children's clothes.

From KCWC you could be easily led to this flickr stream where you may find other sites running similar challenges and some dedicated solely to boys clothes.  I love the look on Elijah's face when I finish a project - even if it's not very good he will love it and wear it straight away.  All of the fabric used came from either my sister (she knows all the best factory shops!) or I've had it sitting in my stash a while. 

So you want to know the best places to find inspiration for boys clothes?  This is a short list but I'm sure you'll find there is a number of blogs following on from these that may be of interest.

Well that's a start but there are literally hundreds of tutorials and ideas for boy's clothes - it just takes a little research.