elsie marley's kids clothes week challenge

Last year I was organised enough to participate in elsie marley's kids clothes week challenge - this year I coincidently managed it. By coincidently I mean I haven't had internet in about six months and only got to check the odd blog here and there at Mum's but in the last few weeks I have made Elijah a couple of pairs of shorts, a pair of cord pants and a couple of envelope tees. He loves it when I make him stuff and will opt to wear homemade over store bought. I'm going to take full advantage of this now because I know once he goes to school it won't last.
I use an old (possibly from the 60s?) pattern for the pants but I add the pockets to the outside rather than attempt to conceal them - I think they look cuter that way.  I also adjusted the pattern to exclude the zip and have a flat band across the front - anyone else have a child that can't stand things around their waist? - and elastic at the back.  This pattern seems to work well for Elijah as he is quite slim, the black and white check shorts have french seams which makes them a slimmer fit and I will probably opt to do them again if I make him more pants. 
If you need inspiration for kids clothes I recommend taking a look through the KCWC posts and flickr pool - loads of ideas for boys and girls.