Easy Peasy Kids

The last couple of months have seen a major shift in Elijah's behaviour.  He gets defiant, moody, even destructive at times and he just doesn't listen.  Well maybe he listens but likes to do things in his own time.  That makes it really hard when we need to be places, like kindy, at certain times.  In his own words he 'fluffs about'. 

I'm almost sure this kid will be an artist when he grows up - he will use any medium to make art (here he uses Hot Wheels cars)

I was reading a post that li'l magoolie wrote yesterday and a link led me to Easy Peasy Kids - the post was actually Blogging & Twitter Behaviour 101 (yes adults can act like children too) - and I saw that Nathalie had categories like Behaviour Management Strategies, Communicating with Children and Child Behaviour.  I haven't had a thorough read but a quick scan of posts tells me there is some useful information there.  Why not pop over and have a look here and while you're there join them on facebook - you could tell them I sent you ;)

PS - I'm sure I would be the girl in the Blogging & Twitter Behaviour post - I know KiwiMummy bloggers aren't like that but having been blessed with the shyness gene it is one of my biggest fears (btw the bloggers I have met have been lovely)