Blogger Stats

I never really noticed the Stats area of blogger and it wasn't until someone mentioned it on their blog that I went looking.  I know I don't have a large readership but I was surprised to see yesterday I had five times the page views of the previous two weeks.  My readers come mainly from KMB (Kiwi Mummy Blogs), Networked Blogs (I don't really understand this but it seems to tweet and facebook my posts so I must have done something right) and We Love To Sew (an online directory of sewing-based blogs) but I noticed there was also traffic generated from my friends' blogs - Chocolate Fishies, The Mummy Chronicles (this girl was the one who got me into blogging in the first place!) and Life is a Highway.

BUT look at what people are googling before they arrive at my blog

*gasp in horror*

I should tell you that this 'bad attitude' comes sporadically (thankfully) and that generally he is a polite, well-behaved wee boy.  But he is getting to the age where things must be done his way.

Have you looked at your stats lately?  Let me know what people search before they arrive at your blog