Make Shake Bake

The past year has been as bit of a rough one but now I’m back and ready for what life has in store. I have a few goals for the coming year, all achievable and by no means out of reach.

I would like to lose 20kg by Christmas – I have managed 7kg so far so I’m well on my way. I feel walking is the key to weight loss along with avoiding most processed foods.

I am in the process of applying to study Human Nutrition at Massey University – a complete change from previous studies but I am thinking long term since I have at least 30 years of working life ahead of me. Why Human Nutrition? I want to help people like me (I have been overweight for years) to change their habits of reaching for packaged foods when it is so simple to make healthy meals from whole ingredients at a fraction of the cost of ready-made meals. I also have very selfish reasons for taking this study pathway, after reading diet book after diet book, I want this to be a lifestyle change for me.

I have also come back to sewing after a 6 month break. We (Mr 4 and I) are in a new house with plenty of storage space so I’ve been able to keep my sewing in one spot rather than packed away here and there. My goal for this summer is to hold a stall with my sister at the Browns Bay Markets. So I’ve spent the last month stitching pencil cases, coin purses, Xmas stockings (I tell you Xmas will be here before you know it!), toddler book bags and a heap of other bits and pieces from both new and reclaimed fabric.

I guess you are wondering why I’ve renamed my blog to Make Bake Shake. I loved Vintage Mum Modern Child – I still do and I will still use the name for my products to sell but as I’m now headed in a different direction I felt a new blog name was in order.

Make – I will still be sewing and crafting and sharing some of this along with tutorials

Bake – I’m still baking and cooking but leaning towards more healthful cooking

Shake – I will be starting off walking building up to jogging and will keep a record of this

Notice something missing? Op shopping! I no longer op shop, not because I don’t like it but because I have enough of everything already. I realised that op shopping for me was a huge stress release; I no longer have that stress in my life so I no longer rely on shopping. Just before we moved I donated a trailer load of goods to the Kumeu Markets who were holding a fundraiser for Christchurch. Not only was I donating to charity, I was also taking a weight off myself. I was starting to get bogged down in ‘stuff’ that was affecting me in more ways than one. I constantly felt disorganised when naturally I like a place for everything and everything in its place.

I had a lot of support during the move back to the North Shore from both family and friends and bloggers near and far (you all know who you are) which deserve a huge THANK YOU. I managed to get Mr 4 into a kindy fairly quickly and he has thrived there. He has been marking the days off the calendar in anticipation of starting school in the New Year. He is enrolled at a school just a few minutes’ walk away from home and as it is a relatively new school it is still fairly small.

So its all a bit of a lifestyle change for me but its a good change...
Kelly x
PS - you may notice a few changes on the blog, it will take time though due to having no internet at home (yet) so any posts will have been pre-scheduled