The Law of Attraction...

designed by me - feel free to print out and keep a copy in your wallet

Wow - how slack am I?  I seem to have lost both my crafting and blogging mojo, instead I've been spending a fair bit of time in the kitchen trying to make a little go a long way.  The job that DH was promised feels like it's not going to eventuate meaning we've been without income since Xmas Eve.  I have to say I think I've done pretty well and have managed to keep us fed and watered since then but time is catching up and so are the bills.  I've set up a sale folder on my facebook page which at some stage I will announce a $5 plus postage sale.  

It gets me thinking though - did I attract this?  Did I think the business that DH was previously working for wasn't going to do well?  Possibly but it's too late to dwell.  Just keep your fingers and toes crossed that a job will come up ASAP - please!