One of THOSE days...

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed nothing was going right.  It started with me forgetting to stitch the inside of a bag closed - the one I donated to Felt Aid and had already sent to a customer in Oz.  Yes, I was very embarrassed but I also felt like I let everyone down - my customer (who is lovely btw), Felt Aid, the people of Christchurch... and myself.

Then Elijah woke up late and the first thing out of his mouth was "I don't want to go to kindy".  I'm not sure what is causing him a bit of anxiety at kindy but he keeps asking me to put my name down for parent help, and when I go to pick him up he's always waiting at the gate for me.  I guess with a lot of his classmates moving up to morning kindy he's feeling a little left out.  He also says the teachers don't talk to him and I know they're not supervising afternoon tea very well because they normally encourage them to take a bite of at least three different foods - yesterday Elijah had a tiny bite of his sandwich and didn't touch anything else.

While Elijah was at kindy I thought I better drop off the piece of quilt top I'd made to Cat.  On the way I stopped in at the New Lynn Salvation Army.  What can I say?  Well not a lot really except their pricing is absolutely ridiculous, the goods mostly filthy and the whole place smelled of toilet spray - offensive!

I went to pick Elijah up - I'm always one of the first Mums to arrive yet Elijah is always one of the last to be called to go.  He sits so patiently waiting to hear his name while others jump up and down and yell at the teacher - of course they are let go first.  What is this teaching kids?  That you have to be loud and obnoxious to get attention.  Is this why there is such a lack of basic manners these days?

Home we go and I had been zapped of energy.  I had no idea why, I just felt exhausted so coaxed Elijah into watching some TV in bed.  I lay down for half and hour to recharge but he slept until 6pm.  Great he had a sleep but not so great that he was up until 10pm wanting to spend time with his Dad (who was also having one of those days).

Oh and did I mention I had no internet at all on Monday - something to do with the POP which is well beyond my understanding of computers but 24 hours later the technician had it all up and running.

So I've started taking multivitamins again - I think I just let myself get too rundown, which is so easy to do when you're so busy looking after everyone else.  

And just because a post is boring without photos 

Can you guess which book belongs to this cover?  
(Hint:  it was first printed in 1946)