My favourite oppies...

I don't mind sharing... I really don't.  I'm sure there are many fab op shops out there but I always end up at the same place - my local Salvo Army in Glen Eden.  I never walk out empty-handed and I'm onto my fourth loyalty card -  I moved here last August!  So obviously I've had many great expeditions and have come home with more than I probably should.  They're also open Saturdays (unsure of time though)

(sorry bad photo courtesy of Google Maps)
2 Glenview Rd
Glen Eden

Occasionally I pop into the Henderson Salvation Army and Hospice shops on my way to get groceries.  They're ok, not quite as good as Glen Eden but not nearly as bad as New Lynn.  They're across the road from West City so parking isn't an issue.

Image also from Google Maps

Henderson Salvation Army Store
17 Railside Ave


West Auckland Hospice Henderson Store
21 Railside Ave

If you're heading over the bridge for a spot of op shopping I recommend a visit to the North Shore Hospice shop in Albany but steer well clear of their warehouse in Mairangi Bay (another dusty, overpriced store not dissimilar to New Lynn Salvation Army)

Image from Google Maps

Unit D 75 Corinthian Drive

I'd love to hear if you have any more you'd like to share - eventually I'd like to compile a list of op shops worth a look and which ones are cashing in on the current thrifting trend.