Learning with a 3 year old....

Morning drawing

Diligently practising writing skills

 Science experiments - learning about volumes

Attempting to develop his pincer grip so he can hold his pen well

Rolling his tongue - apparently a skill that Dad thinks is incredible (I thought it was normal)

Learning about nature and how trees grow so big

and discovering empty sports fields are great for...

 shadow play!

Mastering Approaching Brainy Blocks first time round - he can move up to the next level!  This was the first card - very basic

This was near the end of the pack and one of the more difficult puzzles to solve

Thinking hard about this one - you are provided with an outline but you need to work out where the blocks belong

You would think that a 3 year old (almost 4) wouldn't have a great attention span but this kid concentrates and keeps on task so long as the TV isn't on.  He is a very determined boy so I figured directing this determination to learning skills he needs for school (although its over a year away) instead of dealing with occasional meltdowns would be better for us all.