eek Christmas is now less than a month away!

I had good intentions this year (just like every other year) but somehow I've managed to get through November without buying or even thinking about presents!  Well that's not entirely true - I did whip a few little gifts that are just waiting for their sweets.  So today I set about making what I think Elijah will really enjoy.  I've only just started so can only provide sneak peeks but I'm aiming to have it finished quickly so I can move onto the next gift.

We're off to Albany tonight to watch the skies light up in support of HomeCare 4 Kids.  We received wonderful support from the HomeCare nurses when Elijah was finally discharged from SCBU.  They provided the special bottles he needed and more visits from the Speech Language Therapist who helped with feeding.  They also made sure I was happy with his (feeding) progress before discharging him from their care. If you're out that way and have nothing planned for tonight, head along to Westfield Albany.  They'll be lighting the 12 metre high Christmas tree at 9pm followed by a fireworks display.