Devonport Craft Market

 We finally made it over to the Devonport Craft Market last Sunday.  It really is worth the trip and I got to meet some of the wonderful ladies I know through blogging. Melanie, Jennie, Sarah and Dione - your stalls all looked wonderful and I wished I could buy something from all of you!
This I Spy bag had to be the purchase of the day - already it's had hours of use and is great at keeping Elijah occupied in the car.  Buy one here - they're only $12!

We were also quite taken by Itchy Fingers stall where she explained and demonstrated how to make felted toys - amazing!  So needless to say we had to bring a couple of finger puppets home with us.

I'm saving for the next market in two weeks time.  On my 'must-have' list is some Nutty Honey Bars from Gretel's Gingerbread to add to Christmas presents (or as a supply for myself!)

I just had to have this wee coin purse that Jennie made - I also raided her Bargain Bin and found this notebook which I'll use as an inspiration book.
And this brooch by Plastic Fairy called to me - you know, just in case you didn't know I was a girl.  Check out her range on Felt, Etsy or Toggle.

The next market is on the 21st November - I'll be there for sure!