At my house...

We're fighting an eye infection and a random virus presenting itself as pin prick dots all over the face - quite scary because they don't fade when pressed like spots normally would.  So we spent Sunday afternoon at Starship just to be sure it wasn't anything too bad.  Thankfully we were taken straight through to an isolation room as our referral had been faxed through earlier, which meant no waiting in the waiting room with all the other sick kiddies.

We did have a nice weekend otherwise, with Friday night being a fundraiser for HomeCare 4 Kids.  It was a great night out and the fireworks were amazing.  Saturday was spent with cousins who came up from Katikati - Elijah had such a nice time playing with Charlotte who is 10 months younger.  We managed to get some great photos of them together, not an easy thing when Charlotte won't sit still!

We also put the Christmas tree up yesterday but it's looking a little sparse so no photos yet!

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