Quick Sunday Quilt

Months ago I bought a bag of crafting goodies.  Inside were numerous items along with a pile of very roughly cut shapes which I assume were part of a grand plan but they looked like they had been cut by someone in a real hurry.  So I spent an hour or so trimming them all with a rotary cutter into 7x7inch squares.  The fabric isn't pretty - in fact I'm not even sure what era it's from.  Then I whipped up a basic quilt, using three layers of cotton as batting and backed it with pink cotton.  In quilt form it looks ok.  I think it would look fab in a vintage-themed nursery but on it's own, well just take a look for yourself.  I will be popping it in my Felt shop once I've given it it's final wash.

I have Mr3 holding it up for me (as high as he could reach) so it's about a cot size or lap quilt.

And while I've been sewing Elijah has been having great fun in a box.  So far it's been a drum, car, train, boat, place to sleep, something to measure, among other things.