On a winning streak...

It started with a message from Heart Felt saying I had won her giveaway - if you haven't visited this blog yet then you must!  A lot of her posts remind me of my own childhood.  You will find some beautiful things for sale on Trade Me, Felt and Etsy.

Then Maddie of Li'l Magoolie emailed me to say I had won the giveaway from toggle.co.nz - a lovely travel pack of Living Nature cleanser, toner and moisturiser.
image borrowed from toggle.co.nz

Then, would you believe, Sophie of Have Kids Will Travel left me a message saying I had won her giveaway also.  Ok, so now I'm starting to worry that people are feeling sorry for me and rigging their giveaways so I win!  Sophie posted me this fantastic little book (yes it's handbag sized!) full of great kid-orientated activity ideas covering the whole of NZ.

Then as if that wasn't enough winning Abby of Two Little Dicky Birds emailed to say I had won the Art Print from Art Printz for Kidz of which I have chosen the following print for Elijah's room

And do you want to know why the big one (aka Powerball on Lotto) wasn't struck this week?
Because I didn't buy a ticket!

And so I want to say a really big thank you to all of the above for either donating or hosting giveaways.  Just as an aside, I'm coming up to my 300th post and was wondering who would be interested in a giveaway and what kind of prize/s would you like to see?