Crayon Rocks...

Not that we need more drawing implements but more the need to get Elijah to use a pincer grip.  Oh yes I had a cunning plan!  Elijah can draw really complex pictures far beyond his age normally would, can write neatly all letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 100 - the issue is his love of using a palm grip and not favouring either hand.  So when Lou posted her tutorial on making your own crayons I remembered back to a couple of years ago when I had made a few in muffin tins.  Elijah was a little too young to really appreciate them then but they did get some use.

Fast forward to today.  Having almost burnt the house down the first time - lesson to be learnt here - using a silicone tray from a cheapy shop (lesson: never trust them!), I decided to use my old muffin tray lined with foil instead.  Then once they had melted, I let them cool down enough so I could handle them.  I then shaped them into 'rocks'.  This way he can't use a palm grip as they fit neatly inside his palm, he has no option but to use a pincer grip.

Now while they don't look pretty, they do serve their purpose.  I just used cheap crayons from the Warehouse because every $2 type shop had been cleared of crayons and when I asked at the counter they looked at me like I was asking for something rare!

Demonstrating a pincer grip

Left and ...


Find Lou's tutorial here