A break away...

We're having a break away from home this week but just across the bridge at Mum's house.  So no kindy for Elijah - instead we took him on some educational (but free) trips.  I did get a bit worried when he told us that Rangitoto was an angry volcano.  We had told him that the island he was seeing was Rangitoto but didn't tell him it was a volcano.

 We try to go for an evening walk each night.  I love this area of Auckland because it's pretty flat and so an easy place to walk.

We spotted some horses in a field.
Tanty anyone?  I am really thankful that his tanties are silent

Because Granny's house is close to the road and down a cul-de-sac, Elijah spent Wednesday morning watching the rubbish and recycling trucks come down - oh yes very exciting for a three year old.

I love this photo but I'm kicking myself that it's out of focus - I guess that's expected when he's on a swing. I did manage to get a few nice shots though.

oh and I'm failing Blogtoberfest miserably - it just really isn't my month :(