Blogtoberfest Day 5

I'm away from home for the night but I didn't want to miss a post and have to do a catch up later on.  I was thinking about stocking stuffers last night.  I'm still not really sure if I want to buy Elijah a big present or a few things he might find useful.  So I jumped onto Felt and had a wee look

Puzzle by woodwise (nothing like a bit of brain exercise)

monki* by (love this!)

Creepy Crawlies book by victoria (oh yes, he's right into creepy crawlies at the moment)

Cowboy bunting by missfirefly (because I will probably never get round to making him one!)

Print by cloud nine creative (ok so not so much for Elijah but more for me)

And that's my post for Day 5.  We've just come back from a walk around the block so I can add another 3.2km to my walking goal of 80k in 80 days (see Me in a Snap to see who else is taking up the challenge)