We survived Day 2

We met up with an old high school friend for lunch today.  Because we had Elijah in tow, we decided Maccas might be a good option.  At least I know he will actually eat something there.

After parting ways I took Elijah for a walk over to Tai Ping Supermarket.  I grabbed a few goodies for us both - seaweed salad and aloe juice for me, chocolate milk and gummy worms for Elijah.  Yeah I'm weird - I like my foreign foods and I can't tell you how happy I am to have found a 500g bag of frozen seaweed salad for $6 considering most sushi places will sell you 50g - 100g for $4.

The weather was so beautiful and we are now looking a little pinker.

A few weeds had sprouted in Elijah's strawberry patch so he pulled them out (always his job)

I'm getting used to my new camera.  It's a simple wee thing which is all I need.  I'd love to learn to take better photos though.  All these are uploaded straight from my camera without editing.

I had never heard of the macro feature until my sister pointed it out

This strawberry had us giggling

Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous first week of the school holidays