KCWC Days 4 & 5 plus an op shop find

My Mum picked Elijah up on Thursday afternoon and took him to stay with her overnight.  I used the time to sew and although it felt like I was forever sewing I didn't get that much made.
I finished off the second pair of these pillowcase pants

Made some checked 'rockstar' pants 

Some linen 'going out' pants - these have a flat front and have elastic at the back

Clearly he is chuffed with these red pillowcase pants - I used a scrap from the other pillowcase pants to make  slots for his cars (4 pockets)

And I picked up this monkey puppet from the local op shop.  I saw her there a few weeks ago and still nobody had bought her.  I felt sorry and decided to take her home anyway but unsure if Elijah would love her or be scared of her.  Thankfully he loves it!

I still have a few things to make for Kids Clothes Week but I'm not too worried if I don't get them finished this week.  I'm just glad that elsie marley has given me the kick start I needed.