KCWC Day 2

I concentrated on my upcycling projects and a pile of WIPs today.  I'm still feeling a bit groggy - can't wait for this cold to just leave already!

I didn't have a willing model today - I guess kindy zapped some of the energy he had yesterday.  This used to be a men's shirt from Barkers - I cheated and used the existing collar.

Elijah is a fan of sleeveless sweats so this was made from a size 8 zipped hoodie I found at the local op shop in the 'free' bin.  The zipper was broken so I cut it out and stitched up the centre - it doesn't look too obvious because of the pattern and the pockets are still big enough to hold bits and pieces.

I also made some trackies to match but I have yet to put in the elastic and I also finished off an upcycled tee I started a few months ago.

I'm hoping to get a few more pairs of shorts stitched up tonight - just basic shorts though.  Then maybe tomorrow I will set about cutting some singlets out - possibly some jammies too.

Wondering what I'm going on about?  It's Kids Clothes Week at elsie marley!