Could this be Summer on it's way?

Day One of the school holidays and the weather could not have been better.  After we'd been op shopping (more about that later) I took Elijah to one of the local parks.  I came across it one day when I was filling in time before kindy.  It's at the end of a small cul-de-sac so we were the only ones there.

There's the address!  Some of you will recognise where it is.

It's simple but clean and has the obligatory slide and swings as requested by Elijah

And a few extras like the twirly thing

Looking a little rosy - it was still so hot out

Oh that charming face that keeps popping up in photos

Elijah thought the clouds were the funniest thing ever


Oh yeah the wibbly wobbly thing was hilarious

As was his hat falling off mid-swing - Kathmandu you have failed the swing test!

We went home after a couple of young boys turned up with a small motorbike - as you can see Elijah was a tad distracted.

It's almost 5pm - we haven't had lunch!  Don't you love it how warm weather takes your appetite away.  Of course Elijah has been snacking all day as usual with an Up & Go - his choice from the 'orchard'.  Just as an aside, never go to Selak Orchard on West Coast Road - they have hardly anything in there!  One cabbage, two pumpkins, a few bags of carrots and a few small bags of apples does not make for a very good 'orchard' - so disappointing that we walked out with a loaf of bread and a couple of drinks!