Collecting for Jazz...

My sister Jazz is due the end of March 2011 with her first so it's no surprise that on my op shop missions I keep this in mind.  I am, after all her Xmas swap partner (something we're trialling this year in a bid to cut costs and stuff) and I'm limited to $20.  You can get a lot for $20 if you go secondhand.

I wish I had had a Baby's First Year book - you think you're going to remember everything but nearly four years later there are some details that are really patching - I'm remembering firsts (first tooth, first word, etc) but other little things - blank!  And it makes me sad :(  

This is a great little book that I think Jazz will find quite useful even though it's a lot older than she is

And how could we not bring this little orphaned baby home - she even has her own crib.  It needs a little work but I think it could make a nice Xmas present for my niece Ella.

So what advice would you give a young Mum (just turned 20) about what she does and doesn't need?  I know I fell into the trap of thinking I needed this and that when really the basics are all you need.