Bedroom Makeover Part One...

It's a miserable old day here in Auckland.  It's raining, it's cold and well it's just miserable.  A few weeks ago I bought some blue gingham sheeting that I intended to make Elijah a duvet cover with.  I underestimated the amount of fabric I would need and only bought two metres.  Around the same time I had bought another woollen blanket from the Salvation Army.  It was labelled for use as a dog blanket because there were two small holes in it but otherwise fine and at $3 who really cares about something so easily mended.

*cue lightbulb moment*

I combined the two to make Elijah a super cozy duvet cover

With an inner through Winter and without during the warmer months

Next step will be new curtains - I have something in mind but am waiting for warmer weather