At My House...

I had Mum stay last night.  She came to pick Elijah up last night but he's still sick and clingy, so instead of making her drive all the way back home to an empty house we suggested she stay the night.  She helped me clean out my sewing room - something I've been meaning to do but never got round to.  I also managed to offload a heap of fabric and sewing bits to my youngest sister - Mum bought her a sewing machine for her birthday last month so now she has no excuses not to sew!

Elijah has been sick since Wednesday when I took him to kindy and ended up taking him home half an hour later - I thought he was acting a wee bit strange.  So now I'm sick and so is the man - of course he is much worse because well, I'm sure you know that when men get sick it's so much worse.  So it's a day home for us.  Lucky for me a Cath Kidston catalogue turned up so I have something new to read.

Yum!  Millionaire's Shortbread with rosemary-infused salted caramel - shame I can't eat the book

I would love my utensil drawer to look like this!

Every so often I pick up my camera and find some random photos - no surprises who took this one

Good news - my FRIENDS swap parcel is all ready to go

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