Tutorial - updating a child's table and chair set

I bought Elijah a table and stool set from Mocka last Christmas.  They are great if you're looking for a cheap table and chair set without resorting to plastic.  Unfortunately some water was spilled on one of the stools and due to the type of manufactured wood, it expanded  in areas causing small splits.  It came with four stools so that wasn't a problem but for a while now I've been wanting to cover the top just in case there is another spill.  Originally I thought blackboard paint was the way to go BUT then I thought of all the dust that chalk makes.  I decided on a World map instead and so far it's a hit.  Elijah has spent the afternoon driving his cars from New Zealand to Australia to South Africa and back.  So not only is it fun, it's educational!

A very quick tutorial - this would be a great project to involve the kids.  You could even swap the map for some of their artwork.  You will need:
- map or other artwork
- table and chairs you want to update
- scissors & pen/pencil
- craft glue
- Mod Podge

Psst - click to enlarge :)