Train play mat come storage...

If you have boys you will know that trains and tracks rate very highly among the most played with toys.  You may also have the same issue I have when buying toys for Christmas and birthdays, and end up buying yet another track set.  Elijah's sets have spent a few months in a box in the wardrobe (oh yes I am a mean Mum punishing him for not picking them up!) and more recently some time in my wash basket.  

While making the road mat I thought why not make something for his trains.  This, of course, was a lot easier to make and took less than an hour (which is good because I think I have pinched a nerve in my hip so I've been in a heap of pain) and would only require beginner sewing skills.

I think they would be great for all manner of toys - next up is a Lego playmat but maybe as a circle.  They could also be made for wooden blocks, Barbie type dolls, ponies, etc, etc
 I found this Thomas the Tank Engine piece of fabric at The Warehouse for less than $4
 and this was a vintage cotton sheet I had in the cupboard - it's so soft!
 Plenty of space for four sets of tracks - although I'm hoping I find a non-branded wooden set sometime before Christmas so we can on-sell the plastic sets.  It drives me mad having to look for batteries all the time!
Ready to hang in the wardrobe on an S hook (not sure what they are called but they are so handy!)

So, this is an Xmas present for Elijah - wish me luck in finding a wooden train set!