Spotlight dilemma...

I really need to take an adult with me when I go on fabric finding expeditions.  Elijah and I made the trip out there after kindy had finished.  I needed boy fabrics for a specific project (which by the way sounds a lot easier than it really is) and walked out with a bag full of fabric.  Granted, I didn’t pay full price for most of this but my stash is now looking pretty darn good - a delicious mix of new and vintage fabric just screaming out for me to sew them up. 

I even managed to find another alphabet panel

I’ve just finished stitching up some baby vintage buntings (or garlands – whichever you prefer to call them) and will be listing them in my Felt shop sometime this week.  My current listings are due to expire in the next few days so what is there at the moment I will be reducing drastically and placing them on Trade Me so look out for a bargain or two.  I’m still sewing for enjoyment rather than to make money but at some stage it would be nice to make a little pocket money.

Don’t forget if you want to enter my blog naming giveaway you have to have your suggestion in tomorrow!  A quick count shows there are over 80 suggestions already.