Quick kitchen makeover...

Following on from yesterdays post I thought I'd quickly show you how I brightened up my drab kitchen on a budget of $60.

I've decided to stick to the red/pink theme from the lounge because my lounge/dining/kitchen is almost open plan

Red storage tins (a gift from Mum) from Kmart as is the 'chill' glass and giant cupcake

I found this little teapot at the Salvo's (oh I know you're surprised) without it's lid for $1.50 - perfect for storing utensils

I had been living with a mismatched dinner set for a year so I thought I couldn't go wrong with a plain white set.  
White dinner set $22 from Kmart for a 16 piece set
Red & White striped coffee mugs also from Kmart $3 each

Giant ceramic cupcake - my gift from Elijah
This was also from Kmart and less than $10 - filled with sweets

I walked past these glasses a few times before I decided I had to have them.  I didn't need them - I have plenty of glasses already but you know how it is.
These are also from Kmart - set of 4 for $14

Now I just need to find a red clock and some red and pink plates for the wall above the oven