Nothing like new cups...

What's better than sitting down to a cup of tea?
Drinking from new cups of course!

I usually buy new cups every six months or so but it had been a year (almost to the day) that I last updated.  I have spent the past few weeks searching for the perfect cup (for me) and had my eye on some petite size Cath Kidston numbers BUT in order to get the four I needed I would have to travel all over Auckland to get them. I found these in a local dollar store *gasp* for $2 each.  They are a decent quality china, not that horrible chunky stuff.  I know alot of people don't like dollar stores but I think if you have the time to have a decent poke around there are a few bargains to be had.  And I'm not ashamed to admit I shop there when I can get the exact same thing for half, sometimes quarter of the price in other stores.