Make mine bright...

Those of you who know me will know that I'm not absolutely in love with my house.  I rent so whatever decorating I do has to be superficial.  We have dark blue carpet which teamed with a dark brown lounge suite and dark brown coffee table, well, it's just dark!   So I thought I'd write a quick post about how I've made it a little brighter for $50.

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I've always gravitated towards pinks and oranges - it's not intentional but those colours just call to me

Got a framed picture you don't like anymore?  Make yourself some temporary art with your favourite fabric - you can always change it later or use a whiteboard marker and use it as a Menu or chore board

This is one of two 'play' areas I've designated for Elijah.  This bookcase is filled with vintage book finds and his own baby photo albums.  I like him to have access to these because he often asks about what happened when he was a baby in hospital.

So that's my lounge - well half of it.  Next I will show you the kitchen, which has also had a bit of a change.