Blog hopping...

Yesterday Simoney wrote a great post about how to improve your blog and bring in more readers.  I liked her statement
Think of your blog like your home. 
Your home reflects you, your style, your personality. You want to invite others to come over and visit. You want them to feel relaxed and enjoy visiting you.
 This is how I want my blog but sometimes I'm not sure it really reflects me, but then again my home is not really reflecting me at the moment.  Bring on the warmer weather, I say!

So this weekend I thought I would open my blog-home to you for a blog hop.  A blog hop is somewhere you can basically promote your blog to encourage more readers.  The rules are pretty simple.

1.  Follow me - if you want me to follow you back leave a comment and I'll be happy to do so
2.  Follow the first five blog links and any others on the list that may interest you
3.  Copy and paste the linky tool code into your latest/last blog post (use the Edit HTML tab while composing a post, copy and paste the code right down the bottom)

The linky tool will display the exact same list of blogs as my page so you can hop from one blog to another without having to always return to this page.

Now let's hop to it!