Woollen goodness...

I can't knit - and I'm ok admitting that BUT I can thrift.  When I found an orange woollen blanket at the Salvation Army I wondered if I really needed it.  I walked away from it then walked past again - yup I 'needed' it.  I had plans for this one before I had even found it.  I was actually looking for darker colours but this orange one is so vibrant - perfectly suited to the cold weather we're having.

I bought a few packs of doilies and tablecloths from the Salvation Army - this was in one of them.  I think it may have been a jam cover at some stage - remember those?

This is one I did a sneak peek of in my last post - the silhouette is one I've had cut out for months but didn't know what to do with it

Oh yes - he has to try out every new cushion that passes through this house

This coin purse didn't turn out how I wanted - I think the appliqué was just too small to play nicely so this now belongs to Elijah.

Right, it's a beautiful Winter's day out and I promised Elijah I'd take him to the park.  Shame that we have to go look at vacuum cleaners as well - we're in dire need of a new one!