Sneak Peek of my Week so far...

I spent my weekend cleaning out the spare room - it's now completely empty because anything I put in there grows mould within a couple of weeks.  It makes me quite sad especially because I had stored some framed photos of Elijah in there so had to clean them up also.  We are looking for another house because my current landlord is not fixing things that need to be fixed - she is a really nice person but not such a great landlord.

So my crafting time has suffered the last week or so.  We decided it was time to go back to the Salvation Army op shop - it feels like I haven't been in ages but I think it's only been two weeks.  I'm so glad we did because I came home with alot.  

Photo 1 - a gorgeous tablecloth - this was actually in with Mum's purchases but she gave it to me.  I love it!
Photo 2 - I had actually been looking for a darkish coloured woollen blanket to make cushions with but I absolutely love this orange one
Photo 3 - a mixed bag of craft goodies and a whole lot of buttons
Photo 4 - cushion finally made (well I have to stitch up the side but otherwise it's good to go) with appliqué (I have had this silhouette of Elijah cut out for months waiting for the perfect project)

I also caught up with high school friends yesterday.  I love it how friends from over a decade ago seem exactly the same as they were back then - it makes conversation easy.  Between the four of us we have six kiddies ranging in age from 4 months - 7 years so it was good to share experiences.    

Giveaway update

I have a favourite so far (but I'm not going to tell) but keep sending in those name suggestions.  Post giveaway I will be writing up a list of all the names I've been given.  Haven't sent your suggestions in yet?  Go here