Quite possibly the quickest...

I'm completely finished!  And actually this is the first quilt I'm 99% happy with.  I made a few mistakes but I'm sure Elijah won't notice.  The best thing is that I started this yesterday afternoon so it was completed in less than a day.

Sorry, haven't pictured the whole bed because I stripped it to wash the bedding.  His bed is a king single although I'm thinking of downgrading him to a plain old single

I've backed it with checked flannelette and used a spare duvet inner as wadding - my sewing machine now hates me (I'm assuming because it blew it's light last night)

His name ended up being off centre which I find annoying but he won't be able to tell (I hope)

So what you need to know:
  • I have a Brother BM2600 that Mum bought me for Xmas two years ago - so a very basic machine which happens to be half price at Spotlight for you NZ ladies looking to get into sewing
  • I don't own a walking foot which apparently feeds the fabric more evenly
  • I went to buy a quilting attachment but the ladies at Spotlight had no idea what I was talking about - they sell the machines!  Was I being unreasonable to expect them to have some sort of knowledge about sewing especially because that counter was situated near the quilting department???
  • I like to recycle where I can hence using the duvet inner rather than spending more money on batting
  • You can't really see in the photo but I have made an attempt to quilt by sewing straight lines down the seams. There are a couple of rogue lines which I'm tempted to unpick just because they look odd - once again I'm sure Elijah won't notice