Pretty vases from old jars... (with instructions)

I've been itching to use the bottle of Mod Podge I bought a while ago.  I had saved a couple of empty jars that I thought may come in handy one day and months ago I bought a couple of packets of Deeko serviettes in their Vintage Romance Designs range.

You won't believe how simple these are to make - less than five minutes each!

This design has to be my favourite - it's so fresh!

But I also like this design - it didn't come up as well as I envisaged but will still come in handy.

Want to make your own?
You will need:
-a clean jar with all traces of label removed
-a paintbrush or sponge
-Mod Podge Gloss
-your favourite paper serviette

Separate the top layer of your serviette - we only want to use this part.  Roughly measure the circumference and height of your jar - no need to be too fussy.  Snip out the best part of your serviette and set aside.  Using a sponge or brush, brush a thin layer of Podge all around the jar (excluding the bottom - you don't want it sticking to anything else).  Carefully position your tissue and work your way around the jar patting it down - if you try and smooth it down using strokes the tissue may come apart.  Patting will also give it a bit of texture.  Use the sponge/brush to add another layer of Podge on top of your tissue making sure any loose or dry parts are patted down.  Place in a well ventilated area to dry - Mod Podge doesn't smell that pleasant!

If you decide to make one, I'd love to see it!  Leave a link in the comments section if you like.

An after thought:  these would look great with tealight candles in and if I had baby food jars I think they'd do the trick too.  I have half a dozen huge jars that I might tackle while Elijah is at kindy - I'm thinking they would make nice Xmas pressies.