A present a week...

We gave it a miss last week due to some more rearranging of the furniture and cleaning of mould - I can't wait to actually move out of this house!  But we did manage to get some presents made.  Well technically it is more from Elijah than from me.  This one is for Granny
Inspired by a project I saw online - I can't seem to find it now so if you come across something like this can you let me know the link please.  Originally made with scrapbooking paper, I decided to use vintage fabrics.  The trunk is made by tracing around your child's arm and hand - cute huh?

Now, this is a present 'for' me from Elijah - he painted it at kindy.  It might just look like a mess but he actually spent a bit of time on it - was cute watching him.  I used Mod Podge to stick it onto canvas then podged over the top to seal.  You can't really tell but that mustard colour is actually gold and has a nice shimmer to it.