Kiwiana Baby Bunting...

I entered a giveaway a couple of weeks ago over at MaeheGirl I didn't win BUT Cadi insisted on sending a little something to everyone who guessed the name for her new baby (she is due August).  There were quite a few of us who guessed right - Nuriel.  I emailed Cadi and suggested to cut her postage costs she didn't have to send me anything.  But she insisted!  So I said I would only give her my address if she sent me hers in return.  At that stage I had no idea what I would send but I knew I wanted it to be NZ-related and for the new baby as much as Mum.

So this morning I sat down and made a mini bunting

I went with the black, red, white theme for these reasons

It's fairly small but I hope Cadi likes it

It will be winging it's way to the States sometime next week when I send my Pay It Forward gifts