I feel incredibly lucky today...

This morning we received our Vintage Baby Swap package from Rhiannon.  Boy is she one talented lady!  Elijah was having a bit of an off day yesterday - he fell asleep on the floor at 4pm whilst drawing.  He was so grizzly and ended up sleeping on the couch until 8pm.  He had a sandwich and some apple then was bright eyed and bushy tailed until 10pm - of course, I was the one with the headache and wanted to sleep early.  He slept until 9am this morning which is about the same time the courier arrived with our parcel.

What did Rhiannon send us?  I can see alot of thought went into this package because as you all know Elijah isn't a baby - he is three years old.  So doesn't really fit the description of a baby.  But he is chuffed with what arrived:
The best magnetic fishing set - he enjoyed the one at playgroup but this one is a hundred times better.  I can see this one being one of those toys you keep in the family.
A colourful crocheted ball - the perfect size for practising catch
Two very cool cars - of course these haven't left his side all morning
A lovely selection of books which Elijah is now sitting on the Ottoman reading nicely - it's quite a site really because I asked him to put socks and a sweatshirt on - he is instead wearing a cap backwards!
A sweet mushroom softie - this is just too cute and will be kept in my room ;)
And it all came wrapped in some lovely vintage fabric - I thought I could make cushions but I think I'm going to go with a table runner instead

So a huge thank you Rhiannon - you are super clever and I hope you start to sell your fishing sets!