A few changes ahead...

I feel like I've succeeded in my mission to reclaim time for myself so I've been contemplating a blog name change.  A few posts ago I toyed with a couple of names but they weren't right.  My blog will now be known as Humble Stitches - a temporary fix until I think of something better.  Somehow my blog has evolved into more crafting than anything else but I will still do the odd post on baking, gardening and whatnot.

It's hard to believe I'm almost at the 200 post mark - it seems not that long ago I was celebrating my 100th!  Blogging has given me so much.  I've learnt a lot - about everything really.  Whenever I'm unsure of something I usually Google it - 9 times out of ten it will pop up in someone's blog.   Blogs seem so much more 'real' than websites and hold a huge amount of useful information.

I have so many favourites now that sometimes it can be hard to keep up.  Quite often I have to clear my Reader because it's reached 1000+ posts.

Link Love - I've seen a few blogs offer this.  According to Blogossary it means
posting a link to sites or blogs, usually unsolicited, that you enjoy, admire, or find useful.
 So link up any blogs or sites you feel deserve some Link Love and I will write up a post for each over the coming weeks.

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Come on - share the love (and I don't mind if you link to your own - nobody will know)