Eight buck rag bag...

I've always been curious as to what our local Salvation Army throws into their rag bags.  I often see peeps of interesting fabrics through their jumbled up mess.  So when I was out thrifting with Leesh from Life is a Highway, I thought I may as well buy one.  I knew she thought I was slightly mad.  What on earth would I do with a good 10kg of rags???
My favourite piece out of the bag

A pile of sheets - no stains or rips!

Massive amounts of pillowcases - check out those 90s numbers (I think there is a reason they have never been used!)

Another tablecloth - not in great condition but I have something planned for this

Clearly an unwanted gift :( perfect condition

And a bunch of napkins

Of course half the bag wasn't as great so I'll be taking it back so they can resell but I'm chuffed with what I ended up with.  Clearly worth the tiny sum of $8!